Originally, this section is to introduce plain and real people, such as ordinary house wife story and not about my friend, but unfortunately, I have no chance to meet with a house wife at all. Someone please give me a chance...
And this time depth, again go with one of my friends.
Do you remember "Amu-chan" shown up in Depth 04?

They migrate to Hokkaido for real without any hesitancy. It was as quick as I can laugh at.
I, actually came back from his house in Hokkaido several days ago.
His ways of living I saw there was wonderful to me. And explaining about this splendor of his days is too difficult to me, then I ask him to speak up the thoughts and events he experienced since after he left Tokyo 4 month ago. As I saw Katokichi in Hokkaido, he was just himself. No matter what he do, wherever he is, he always act himself. Things begin from him and conclude with him for him. I know there are few people like him in this sense. So, I ask him to begin with telling the episode when he arrived at Hokkaido first time?
By the way, he drove his a-little-aged car to Hokkaido in April where there are still plenty of snow there.
"You are such an adventurous man, you dive into the snow winter Hokkaido, you've got blocked?

"Right, 50 meters to reach my house. I happened to see across the house owner and he helped us to pull up."

"You have neither stoves or even electricity at the very first day."

"As my luggage are not arrived yet. House owner felt anxiety and invite us to his home, I actually refused it."

Why not??

"Well, I just thought it would be interesting..."
For the people grown up in snow country, snow and cold never get along with interesting for good... They have decided to enjoy the first night at Furano all without heat and electricity. They must be lucky that time...

"That was all fine!! I wore my down jacket and I have even sweat."

Then, what did you do after that?
"Brought my dog to the walk and so on. But as I found afterward, there is no practice there to bring their dog to the walk, they looked at me weirdly. I also found farmers screaming to me "YOU DO YOUR DOG BLAH, BLAH, BLAH,,,".
I could not figure out their dialect at that time, probably "You should kill that heck dog" ?? I know it's too bad and asked that farmer afterwards. He actually said "You should leave your dog alone" haha."

By the way, you lead such a cozy day here.
"Well, that's true. I actually could not do anything due to the heavy snow. There were literally nothing but snow and it was like the dessert of snow, fun of us. I spent a month stay in a house with Amu-chan, looking at the outside, read some books and planning for the future, that's how I spent my April."

All right, that is an area even without the vending machine, takes more than 10 minutes to go the supermarket by car. In tokyo, it may only take 30 sec by walk to find the nearest convenience store. In tokyo, you can shop 24 hours. In tokyo, you do not have to stay in the house in winter. They have got used to live in tokyo and how did they find to live in such a place all of sudden.
"Not a confusion but I got a feeling that my body was out in the air, lacking of the reality. Amu-chan, on the other hand, was fully open from the beginning. Well, to make a living by selling the pudding was also something I could not imagine for several years ago... Now I knew my life always lacks of the reality, in a good sense."
So, you get used to it??

"Right, and my conclusion here is, human being would get used to the things."
I was also could not fully enjoy the days there as I was kinda confused about the way of living which was totally opposite to the life in tokyo. However, once I could get into the rhythm of their living and fully lean into the reality that I am surrounded by the wild nature, I begun to care little about its lack,moreover, I find it's good because there is nothing. Or probably there are everything already here that I need to have. Very strange.
And in May, they did begin to move. As a starter, they begun to build the plant to make pudding (pudding house). They have been trying to find out the appropriate place to build the pudding house but in the end, they have decided to build it at the top of small hill next to their house. And how?

"Well, every farmer start to work from May, And I felt guilty with not doing anything. So I begun to find the place to build pudding house."
"Initially, I was planning to reuse the barn up on the hill but my dad, who is a carpenter, says it would not be possible...But I happened to find the find foundation with concrete next to it, so i decided to use that. Materials, I did not feel like to use the fresh wood as it mean the same to cut the trees, and we tear-down the old barn and re-use the materials. As we tear-down the barn, my dad always talked about the beauty of its construction. What a great people did their best to build such a barn at that time. My dad spend full month and the pudding house is about to be completed now."
"Then I have concluded that the house is also rather easy."
Probably, you guys reading this article might imagine their pudding house as barrack, something gone away by the wind. But I as a person who did watch the house can say it is unique, cool and very professional.
"Well but none of my neighbor says good about it,its appearance, don't know why..."
Do you meet with neighbors?,
"Though our houses are stood in distance, I do sometimes. Some people have never experienced the outside of this village but I did not find anything weird as I talk."

The place where he migrate is a point in Hokkaido that their history is especially shallow, and does not have the much bond. This is my personal opinion but people could be nice to the people in the place where nature is severe. This is probably because people could not survive without helping each other.
It might be true that they are thought as a "strange people from the city" but the relation where this common understandings exist is very comfortable.

What do you do in winter?"
"Winter is time when the pudding sells very much to tell the truth. So the pudding factory would be busy but we could not do it in the storm, they we stay in the house. I could spend time for DAU during that. I create the music where the outside is under the storm, make me await for the winter. I am awaiting for the winter."
"Awaiting for the winter", he should not speak it up in front of the neighbors.

DAU is a music group where he spent more that 10 years with his fellows, twice a week, without asked by someone to do.
Their works, finely tuned with their life is just like a bottom burp, and I thought it would end up with a bottom burp....you know, they will debut from the indies label (de-fragment, Osaka) in this autumn. And it is Robo-chu shown up in the "Depth" who will be featured.

"All right, he is the one rapped with bottom burp. Robo-chu, first guy rapped with the beat of bottom burp.

"You will be able to check up their sound in this website so you spend a dime to listen to that, but the episode of their sound is just like this. One of the member brought the demo tape and asked his fellow to listen, he says "oh, what a nice Hawaiian". This is not a wrong impression....

Let's get back to the Amu-pudding story.
"We will begin to operate from september. My initial aim is to bring the business up to the speed for the time being. We are living in the rented house today but our purpose to migrate to hokkaido was to build our own house while selling some pudding. I wanted to reach there, that's all I wish to be, then I think about the next."

"Probably in the next year, our business might be on pace. Then I like to hold kind of festival which my neighbors could enjoy it, too."

Their journey has just begun. Recently, a famous japanese football player has retired with the word "Life is a journey and the journey is life, too."
Some Japanese people might laugh at it as childish but I can understand what he says.
Because the time spend together with them could be felt as a piece of journey even though it is just a piece of ordinary days. Everyday, we encounter the event, trouble and we put our face together, think and enjoy to solve them one by one. This is exactly how journey goes.

We never talked about this each other but I am quite sure that we share the same feeling. Because I heard it slightly that he said

"It is like traveling being together"

"The life is travel, and travel is a life. "
Sounds childish but I do admire this philosophy, and I will agree to this word, too.