Reset & Reset

I got a cold unexpectedly although I haven;t had one for a few years... I have tons of things to do but I am sleeping in the Japanese-style room which is the only cleaned one in this house. I mentioned on the earlier story, my body temperature started to rise when I found out about the Internet connection is not available here after the connection testing. I think my body got hotter at once when I listened to the ISP guy said "Already getting some errors, it wouldn't work here as I expected." His voice was like death sentence to me.

Forget it. I just want to lie down right now...

I decided to get better, just trusting my own immunity system, without any cold medicines. As the result, my immunity system wasn�t as good as I expected, I was over 38.5 degrees Celsius for 3 days. It took me 10 days to recover. The squirrel "Soo" came to the window to see me when I was sleeping, a cold towel on my head.

"What's this, you newcomer! Already sick? How pathetic!"

"Shame, isn't it. But I got this cold in Sapporo. I didn't get sick here."

"Is that the 'excuse' you human use? We don't have such things, so I don't understand..."

"No, it is not an excuse. I got it when I visited my grandma at the hospital."

"Well you don�t get a cold if you are strong even if you see anybody or anywhere you go. Come visit me when you recovered. I am bored these days. And let me know about the city called Tokyo."

"Maybe it is the good timing to reset your life. You'd better take some monster energy drinks when you have a cold."

"Ah well, take care. See ya!"

Soo was right.

The sign of Tokyo around me, which I still couldn't get rid of, was melting down to the ground while I was sleeping for 3 days. I think my body is getting used to this land. I got rid of unneeded things but I feel that I gained what�s needed. This cold was a really good reset in the end.

Next day the landlord of our new home held a welcoming party for us. I appreciated our landlord even though we asked to be here almost charging in. "I can't drink too much since I just got better." "I can't show you my chivalrous manner." I was thinking such way but foolish of me, I had way too much drinks. I heard a few 1.8L sake bottles were opened at the end.

The father of the landlord speaks simple and witty manner, also the story is very adventurous. His stories are amazing, he really is a revolutionary man in Hokkaido. What a man he is. They used to use horses to travel to the nearby villages on animal roads just like cowboys did. Hokkaido was developed relatively recently, so you can still listen to these stories directly from these people. His wife jokes at the good timing while he speaks big stories with his loud voice. I haven't heard Mura laughing this much for a long time. Wow the people here are so warm... Were the people in Hokkaido like this before? I was thinking such things when I was dancing outside with the landlord's son. (I don�t really remember.)

Death Disco...It was a heaven for a very short time.

Right after that dancing, I was throwing up from the passenger side window of our car. (I have no memories.) But this was very enjoyable reset too.

Now all the resetting menus are completed.

Next day we restarted. First we had to make an order for fixing our house. We will only live here until we make our own house, so minimum living space is only required. We don't want to spend much money. But still want to spend a little better life, cause I am only a human too. The most concerned item is the washroom... To tell the truth, I couldn't get rid of thinking about the washroom ever since we visited here last year. The WASHROM! You sometimes watch "People live off the land" type of TV program, right. I am anxious about the washroom rather than "live off land" and "the people" a lot more. Show us the washroom! Zoom in! I just want to know about that! How do they handle it? Do we have to use septic tank? Or bio-toilet is much better? Even though digging a hole and managing, human feces and urine take some care to become compost, I imagine. Such and such. I have been obsessed about "The Washroom Matter" for the last 9 months, probably about 40% of my brain at all time.

I saw a dream chased by the toilet.
Another time when I went through the tunnel then I was inside of the toilet bowl.

You don't have to think about the feces and urine in the big city. We ignore such things. Idols don't go to the washroom. But I hear even they do these days. Back to my subject, I have to take the feces and urine seriously for the first time in my life...because I was getting a benefits of the civilization until now. Actually I didnÕt want to face it. Everybody, I am such a guyÉ Wouldn't you laugh at me? Such a slob, a phony environmentalist... (Although nobody told me that.)

I have a shiny hero now. That's Katokichi. Last summer we were looking around many unused houses where we can possibly live. We have to check many items. Unused houses were in different conditions. In the Northern country, houses become blemished in the winter if no one lives there. Water pipes, water dripping marks on the ceilings, condition of the foundation. When we visited one house, we were checking one by one. I was anxious about the washroom and the bathroom. Katokichi went straight in and checked them. He looked into the toilet. "Ummm, right."

He went out to check the septic tank. Opened the cover without any hesitation. (Wow!) He was even eating a rice ball in his mouth! And he said in high sprits.

"This one, no problem. You can use it as is! Yeeeeeah!" (Screamed and raised his arm high up in the air.)

How brave he is. Amazing, Katokichi...
But to me, the washroom looked like just a toilet on top of the dug-up hole... Smiled coyly.

Ever since that time, Katokichi seems so big and bright to me. Now I understand why Bum-Hei (Katokichi�s wife) always call him "Leader, leader!" out loud. Katokichi is really a great guy. You really are a leader!

Will I be able to become a strong person such as Katokichi in this land? Will I be able to open the cover of the septic tank with a rice ball in my mouth?

Yes, I will be. Katokichi had a rice ball in his mouth, I will have a pickled horse radish! Yeeeeeah!! (Screamed and raised my arm high up in the air. #2)

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