I'm not a pushy kind of a guy, also the scenery without a large housing complex.

We've been living in our house for a while but still moving our belongings from here to there just like playing the Tetris game. It may looks like as if we are moving things from one place to another, but they are getting their own places after a week actually. First of all, we have to decide where we are going to fix and not to fix. There is no limit if we want to fix all problems. Opening boxes from Tokyo makes us feel good to stay here. Feels like I�m getting myself back in order. I fired incense in the middle of the boxes.

"Using incense in this mess?"

But the sense of smell is very important to me. When I am in the accustomed smell, nothing matters even if I am surrounded by boxes. Mura doesn�t say a word when I am in this mood...

Tairasawa area these days gets warm during a day but it becomes pretty cold at night. This change feels good. Also this temperature change is very important to the vegetation to grow, that's the reason this area is known for the good vegetable producing area in Japan. I shouted to the night sky with my arms high up, pretending to be the asparagus.

"I want to be! Be better tasted more and more!"

By the way, the people from this area gave us a big welcoming party. I've heard from Katokichi that the people are connected together very strongly here. It may be because they live in a place where is completely surrounded by forests. Bam-Hei calls this area "Mooming Valley", I agree with her. (Moomin is a Finnish character well known in Japan. http://www.moomin.fi)

I had to make a speech at the beginning of the party, I was anxious and couldn�t speak straight. But I think I could express we are not the wired people. I got free after the speech and started to see everyone�s behaviors slowly.

My first impression was that all fathers are strong here. They are standing straight on the ground I think. Also they talk a lot of sexual stories! A father next me poured me beer all the time. He asked me, "Do I have any accent?" I blew up the beer. Katokichi answered instantly. "You have quite an accent. LOL"

Next, I found out the people are closely tied together and friendly. They talk like innocent kids and enjoying themselves. I became very happy just listening to them. Very straight forward. I remembered my kid's days listening to the people drinking and enjoying conversation with Hokkaido accents. This party reminded me when all my relatives gathered at my Grandpa's home.

You may be lost in this party if you only have lived in the big city relationships. But this makes me feel at home. This is my place. I didn't choose this area from seeing these people, rather we chose it by chance. But after meeting these people, I feel the half of the attraction of this area is due to them. Community sprit that was lost in the big city is still alive here.

I think it was right that a writer once said, "One of the Japanese social problems these days is losing the community involvement. This matches the time of the appearance of the large housing complex." That's right, there is no large housing complex here. Ha ha!

But still it is pretty strange to come to this area for the local eyes. "Why did you come to live in such inconvenient place?" they ask all the time. There are no vending machines, it takes 10 minutes to the nearest stores by a car. That store even closes at 6:30pm! B.U.T�

Exchanging with inconvenience, I get way more things from Hirasawa area!

Katokichi used to say, "You get accustomed to some inconveniences quite easily." He now says, "You become used to any inconveniences."

Katokichi really is a man! He left some good words before, I will report them here.

"Hey! People build things on the earth, but if you dig out the asphalt road, it is only the earth. Simply just the earth. Just the earth beneath us. Earth beneath. Do you understand? Do you know what I'm saying?" (Partly dramatized)

Oh brother, when I first heard that I was in the air somewhere, couldn't understand at all. But I think I understand what he wanted to say, just a little...

Back to the point, it is actually not too bad to live in this inconvenience. After all I doubt what it was to live in the convenient life in Tokyo. Cell phone is very convenient, vehicle the same thing. Also Internet banking is quite convenient!!!

But you need a process to go through things sometimes. You miss some important points and feelings if you hurry and miss a process. For example, to go up to the top of the high mountain, one by a helicopter and another by his own feet. Even though both of them went up to the same spot, they had quite different experiences.

Which one experienced more such that could change their whole life's belief?

Answer: The one went up using a helicopter. (Because it almost crushed into the mountain and could have killed him!)

Convenience is great. But don't you ever felt like your pieces are taken, got thinner and thinner, rough, beaten, weak, surrounded by dust, and wanted to break out from your environment in the convenient life? I had that experience.

I get this body and soul's craving to the primitive experiences in a normal life. Time has come. Let's sing together!

I want to be touched by one big impression rather than many small easy ones.
'Cause I feel that's everything.
And I will shout! Let me eat game meat!
Then I will whisper! Can I smell your butts, please?

I guess I don't have to be that primitive way but... (I am wondering who from us 4 would be four-legged animal first these days.)

I've been thinking such things these days, I don't know what would happen to our relocation in the future. I have no idea what but I can say this one thing.

"If we will do something, now is the time!"

I don't regret if I will think in two years such as, "Wood stove? No, it is no good. Too much work. Kerosene heater is very convenient compared to the wood stove. Convenience is the best!!" That is our spring of 2007.