Adios Sunday

Although we finished transferring our belongings to the house, we stayed with Katokichi‘s house while we fixed and cleaned our leased house. To tell the truth, I didn‘t know where to start so I was just pretending to do. I was just imagining how the last tenants had lived here from the things they left here. A little pornographic jigsaw puzzle, a radio controlled model, seasonings. What a heck am I doing? Useless. Well I will find the useless part of me now and I will bury them in this place... Just kidding. So I quit my imagination games after a while.

Fist thing we have to do is to make a room where we can sleep. Fortunately a Japanese style room on the first floor is not much damaged, we can use it with a little cleaning up. Katokichi (my friend from school days who relocated here a year ago) helped us also. Katokichi and his wife became much stronger and flat compared to the last time I met them last year. Ummm, it is hard to explain. In other wards, I was amazed how they got a lot more pure sprits than before. Just between you and me, I was very surprised that they are calling cup noodles as “Cup-Ra“. We don‘ t have to become like them, however I am wondering if we can make our visions set straight by getting rid of unnecessary things around us.

Hey mommy, what do we need to leave behind at the end to become happy?

After preparing our bedroom, we decided to go to the Hot Springs. In other words, a little procrastination. Cool! The Hot Springs in Hokkaido. Unreal scenery outside the window. Mount Furano. How will the man change when you live in such great environment? Maybe getting taller? Hairs in the nose stop growing? Shoulders become sloped down? That‘ s enough, ha.

After the bathing, I started to go through the sports newspaper left at the Hot Springs. I was thirsty for something indecent. Wow, the outside world went around like that in the past 4 days....

Ai Iijima is going retire? Ummm. Such and such, I shouldn‘ t have read the newspaper. But still I want to read, because I am only a human too. I have had strange restless feelings since we got here. Probably my head is not adjusting to the opposite lifestyle from the flood of information and stimulation such as Internet, TV, newspapers, advertisement in the trains, street lights, ad papers, and posters, etc. Actually I just remembered that it took me a while to get settled last year too. I should be used to this soon. So please let me read a little more.

What?! Nippon Ham baseball team lost again?!

High speed Internet line wouldn‘t connect to our house. It was my fault not checking into it before but I didn't even dream about not being able to connect to Internet here. I have to change my plan a big time. The meaning of being here makes no sense if I can‘t post my news from here. Posting news on Internet is what I wanna do the most, no posting news is myself. We are putting various ideas out now. They say that the ISP cannot invest Internet infrastructures to the areas with small population! I agree that the business has to make a line somewhere but can the Internet infrastructure be created in that manner, Mr. Sanami? Aren‘t they going to the opposite direction when you think about "what would be changed with the Internet innovation", Mr. Sanami? Lecture them, please. I will support you from behind.

We tried to sleep in our new home that night. Couldn‘ t close windows shut tightly, same for doors. That‘ s life. We should have known that. Didn‘ t notice there is lots of wind coming through the cracks during a day but felt quite a bit at the cold night.


Cracks, are you going to bring us warm sunlight in the morning? Then bring us cold breeze more now! Bring cold wind that cut through our body! Because only the cold wind reminds us to appreciate morning light.

I was making a poem...actually didn‘ t have time to make a poem at the time, I was taping all the cracks using duct tapes with a tearful face. Taped shut entire bedroom. It got so-so warm when I started an oil heater, just had to care about the carbon monoxide poisoning. Anyway, we tried to sleep in our house for the first time. These cracks would take care of us....

Such a start for the first night at the new house but I went asleep in a second. I am confident to sleep very quickly anywhere. It took me 3 months to read only a few sentences of the book in the bed once before. It should have been a great sleep but I got a stomachache 2 in the morning. It wasn't funny because we hadn‘ t fixed the washroom yet. How bothersome, it must be below zero outside. I had no choice, just like a story from a comic book. Didn‘ t want to believe how awful it is but I had to take it. So I jumped outside with only pajamas on, screaming "One-Two-Three"(just in my head). I couldn't decide where to do. Guess it should be fine anywhere, but I wanted to do it somewhere special. LOL. I thought myself very silly to find a special place, so I did it right there. Finished the deed and I was lost right there with bare butts out. My butts were cold but felt good somehow. Got settled and then I freaked when I looked up. There were billions of stars; well I felt I was right in the middle of the galaxy. Still I was crouching down with bare butts out. Just like a scene from Akatsuka Sensei‘s (famous cartoonist in Japan) animation. I got this uncontrollable feeling.

"I am going to live in this amazing place now!! Yahoo!!"

Slept very well afterwards. Guess my mind wanted to escape as well because I had a super dream that night. I was surrounded by girls. While I was popular with these girls, Katokichi called and woke me up. He was worried about us a little because of the cold night. He said "Look at outside!" For my surprise, ground was all white when I opened curtains. Unusual snow at this time of the year, the huge amount was a little too much for the newcomers‘ greeting.